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Building Project

New Maths Block East View

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Work has begun on the $22m building project that will see Avondale College completely transformed by the end of 2011.

Originally built as a US Naval Hospital during World War II, many of the buildings are tired and in need of replacement with maintenance costs having escalated exponentially.

“We will be replacing the heart of the school,” says Mr Lewis. This means D-Block being pulled apart and replaced. Alongside it, a two-storey building will rise. This will house mathematics, physics, health and combined sciences and dance.

These will be sustainable buildings that use 35% less energy and use underfloor heating. Every room will be fitted with data projectors.

The buildings will also reflect the school’s philosophy of “Kohia Nga Taikaka” – “Collect the Heartwood”, meaning drawing things that really matter close to you. The buildings incorporate imagery and pattern that are reflective of the local area. A big atrium that will connect the two buildings was inspired by the flight of the godwits that fly over the school.

Watch this page for photographic updates as the building work progresses over the following months.

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22 September 2010
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December 2010
D Block January 2011
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February 2011
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Prime Minister opens new building


It was a blue ribbon day for Avondale College on Friday as Prime Minister John Key officially opened the college’s new state-of-the-art mathematics and physics building.
The occasion marked the completion of the first stage of Avondale’s multi-million dollar building project – the biggest school re-building programme in New Zealand’s history. 
Designed by Jasmax, the new look building gives students an exciting, modern learning environment.
“We have entered a very exciting phase in the development of Avondale College,” says Principal Brent Lewis. 
“The team responsible for the build have been very mindful of their responsibilities in creating the very best possible learning environment for the Avondale Community: one that respects the past yet creates a forward thinking, energy efficient, high quality design that is attractive, robust and sufficiently flexible to be able to be adapted for the changing educational demands of the future.”
The new structure reflects the school’s philosophy of “Kohia Nga Taikaka” – “Collect the Heartwood,” meaning drawing things that really matter close to you. The building incorporates imagery and pattern that are reflective of the local area. The atrium that connects the two buildings was inspired by the godwits that fly over the school.
Sustainability is a key feature of the building with double glazing, rainwater tanks and passive ventilation working together to ensure a great classroom environment. Each classroom contains the latest equipment with data projectors and computers in each room.
Work on Stage Two of the three part building project has already begun, with new state-of-the art science, social science, health and dance facilities due for completion at the end of the year.
Avondale College opened in 1945, having been originally designed as a US hospital base during WW2, with the intention of it being used as a school at the war’s end.

“As this generation’s temporary custodians of the property,” says Mr Lewis, “our goal is to pass on an educational environment that will be appreciated by our successors as much as we have appreciated and enjoyed the work of those who have gone before.”

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