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New canteen opens

The latest development in Avondale College’s building programme is an especially exciting one for students: a brand new canteen opened for business at the start of Term 3.

A free piece of fruit with each purchase is just one point of difference about this canteen, which offers students a range of food options in a superb new centralised location.

Brand new and open for business!


Brand new classrooms, state-of-the art equipment, and colourful new wall panels were just some of the changes that greeted students on their arrival at Avondale College this week. The new 'C Block' classrooms are now open, as the second stage of Avondale College's rebuilding programme nears completion.

Over the holidays the old A and B blocks were removed in preparation for the new buildings planned for the third building phase which will commence shortly.


Building Project - Stage Two

Work is now well underway on the second phase of Avondale College's massive re-building programme. The next section of the reconstruction sees the development of a two story building which will incorporate Chemistry Biology, Horticulture, Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, as well as a second specialist Dance room and a new student canteen.

We are delighted to confirm that we have now received the final approval for the funding of the third and final stage of the rebuilding of the college. During the summer holidays all of the current A and B blocks will be demolished to be followed by the rebuilding of English, Commerce, Information Technology, Commerce, Media, English for Speakers of Other Languages, as well as a new Taurewa centre, Careers Centre, Reception, Administration and Health Centre. This final stage should be largely complete by the end of next year.

At the completion of Stage Three all of the prefabricated classrooms that have been on site since the early 1990s will be removed and replaced with six new tennis and netball courts. Afterwards we want to concentrate on the building of a new sports and cultural centre on the edge of the sports fields.

We are very pleased that Avondale College is now able to build a state-of-the-art school to support the high quality education we already deliver for all students. The difference made by the new facilities is already apparent and within a few months many more classrooms will come into operation to supercede the old.


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