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English helps students develop an understanding and appreciation of language and literature. It teaches them to think critically, communicate clearly and encourages creativity. It is compulsory from Year 9 to Year 12 and the school’s 13EN3 programme is an approved Level 3 subject for many tertiary courses.

The English programme is based on the making meaning and creating meaning strands that make up the National Curriculum. While reading and writing are at the core of all programmes, a wide variety of activities and topics are offered to develop students’ awareness and confidence with English. A variety of courses are offered in the senior school to best cater to the differing needs of all students.

In English, students will be able to achieve both Level One and University Entrance literacy. Beyond the classroom the English department offers students to be involved in such activities as writing clubs and competitions, spelling bees, speech competitions, debating, Junior and Senior Scholarship programmes, trips to plays and talks by visiting authors.


Media Studies

Media Studies is about exploring, analysing, constructing and enjoying media and media products. It teaches students to think critically about the media and the role it plays in their everyday life, to communicate clearly, and encourages them to be creative. In Media Studies, students will analyse media products critically, produce media products and develop their analytical and technical skills.

Media Studies is an option subject available in Year 10, Year 12 and Year 13. Level 3 Media Studies is a university approved subject. The programme is based on the media in society, reading media texts and media production strands that make up the National Curriculum.

Beyond the classroom, students will have the opportunity to be involved in such activities as film competitions, Senior Scholarship programmes, trips to film screenings and the Senior Film Club.

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