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ESOL Department

(English for Speakers of Other Languages)

The ESOL department provides all students with the social, literacy and academic skills needed to succeed in the mainstream classroom and beyond. Teacher-aides and bi-lingual tutors work alongside teachers in the classroom to maximise language learning outcomes for students.

Immersion classes receive high-quality language learning opportunities as well as instruction in numeracy and science. Once they are ready, students then move on to the mainstream classrooms.
Junior level programmes are designed to provide support for English language skills across the curriculum. Year 9 and 10 ESOL option classes supplement the work of the mainstream English classroom.
At senior level the ESOL department offers full academic courses that prepare students comprehensively for study at tertiary level. Relevant courses are offered for students who are working towards gaining credits in NCEA Level 1 or Level 2. Students taking these courses can meet the entry requirements of tertiary courses, apprenticeships or the workplace. The IELTS programme is also offered to those students planning to pursue further studies overseas.
Director of ESOL: Mrs P Dayal, BA; Post Grad Dip, Dip Tchg; STTC, dal@avcol.school.nz  
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