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French Students at the Louvre

Why Study a Language?

In today’s world a well-educated New Zealander needs to be able to function on an international level. As the New Zealand Curriculum states, "learning another language enriches students intellectually, socially and culturally, offers an understanding of the ways in which other people think and behave, and furthers international relations and trade." This is the communications age and languages are the heart of communication.

Avondale French Students in France

Languages Offered at Avondale College

Avondale College offers a rich variety of languages. We aim to provide learning which is both useful in its own right and at the same time is a sound basis for studying any of the diverse languages available at tertiary level.

Six languages are taught: French, Japanese, Latin, Maori, Samoan and Spanish.

New entrants to Year 9 must choose one language from French, Japanese and Maori, Samoan or Spanish, which is studied for the full year. Those students in an advanced stream choose two (each to be studied in a six-month semester course) from French, Japanese, Latin, Samoan, Spanish and Maori.

In Year 10, study of a language is optional, but students are strongly recommended to continue their study of the language they did in Year 9. Learning a second language not only improves cognitive skills, but it improves English language skills and makes English easier. Learning a language also broadens career choice, which is particularly important as New Zealand is increasingly trading internationally.

CAIE courses are also offered in French and Spanish.

Career Options for Language Students

Ø      Business, particularly with large firms and multinational companies
Ø      Communications industry, e.g. the media (radio and TV)
Ø      International Sports
Ø      Travel and Tourism
Ø      Electronic communications
Ø      Food and wine industries
Ø      Journalism
Ø      Law
Ø      Archaeology
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