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Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics help students develop critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills. Knowledge and skills acquired in this subject area will empower students in their daily lives and also provide a basis for future career-specific training. 
Mathematics and Statistics is compulsory from Year 9 to Year 11, and at least 14 credits of NCEA Level 1 Mathematics or Statistics are required for University Entrance.
In Years 9 - 10, our learning programmes are based on the Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics strands of the New Zealand Curriculum. Focus is placed on developing effective numeracy strategies and students are encouraged to generalise the properties of these strategies, thus developing their algebraic thinking and numerical reasoning skills.
For Years 11 - 13, we offer courses towards NCEA and CAIE qualifications, which allow students to choose an appropriate pathway and focus for their learning, such as Pure Mathematics, Calculus or Statistics.
Students are also offered the opportunity to participate in national and international mathematics competitions.

The Mathematics department offers tutorials for all students on Tuesdays after school, Wednesday lunchtimes and Thursdays after school. Special tutorials are also offered for students wanting to sit the national Scholarship Statistics and Modelling and Mathematics with Calculus examinations.


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