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Avondale College Scholars´ Academy

Scholars’ Academy

The Avondale College Scholars’ Academy was launched in 2013 for students who have distinguished themselves in one or more NCEA Level 2 or CAIE AS or A2 subjects.

There are two main Academy objectives: 

·       To extend and enrich members academically, both individually and collectively, in an Academy environment

·       To foster participation and success in NZQA Scholarship

In the Academy environment, students are challenged to think divergently, to question preconceptions, to interrogate information critically, and to gather and use knowledge with wisdom - in short, to be a scholar. It is also an opportunity for them to push beyond the confines of the normal day-to-day curriculum and to learn more about themselves. Academy members engage in workshops with group activities designed, in part, to support NZQA Scholarship tutorials and preparation for exam excellence.

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