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Avondale College Sports Academy Vision

The Avondale College Sports Academy offers Year 9 and 10 students a two year programme, the aim being to discover further talent following a period of intensive sports training and coaching designed to improve every individual’s sporting ability as well as education on all aspects of the game.

Avondale College has recognised the need to emphasise, identify and nurture student giftedness, irrespective of whether it is a talent for the traditional curriculum areas of English, Maths, and Science or in Art, Performing Arts and Sport. Equal emphasis needs to be given to the development of the personal qualities in an ever changing and diverse world.

By offering students a Physical Education Pathway we are recognising and developing their gifts and talents, whilst stressing the need for, and encouraging performance in attaining excellent qualifications.

Recognition and development of a student’s gifts along with desired personal qualities will ensure a student has the necessary skill set to thrive in our ever-changing world.

Many school students play sport while attending school. A number of these students are driven by their passion for sport with little dedication to academic outcomes, instead, dreaming of sporting excellence and a career as a professional athlete.

Avondale College Sports Academy applauds the sporting aspirations of young people. We believe that the dream of sporting excellence should also go hand-in-hand with education. We understand that a large number of youth in New Zealand are born athletes. Young people should be encouraged to pursue their ambitions of a sporting career while achieving their educational qualifications.

The Avondale College Sports Academy has combined sports training, education and academia to allow these young people the opportunity to follow their ambitions. Our programme is designed to drive these students by helping develop a career pathway through Physical Education to achieve desired outcomes. Integrating education, career and a personal life with a sporting career is our challenge.

Avondale College Sports Academy Goals

The Avondale College Sports Academy Programme aspires to achieve the following goals:

·       To prepare young players in reaching their sports goals and their potential

·       To produce skilled and intelligent sports players for the future of Avondale College  Sport

·       To nurture and further enhance natural athletic gifts

·       To provide opportunities and career pathways for students through Physical  Education

·       To assist students to achieve Avondale College Coaching accreditation

·       To develop, broker and maintain superior links and relationships between sporting organisations, young people and their local communities

·       To provide local Representative organisations and New Zealand teams with talented players to compete at elite level competitions

·       To achieve a major improvement in the quality and performance of Avondale College’s top players, coaches and teams

·       To create life balance and integrated sporting goals with other components of life (family, study, work and social demands).


Student Benefits

The schedule of benefits available for athletes can include some/all of the following:

·        Access to suitable training facilities and competitions provided by Avondale College Sport as well as overseas Sport tour opportunities.

·       High performance coaching and administration support under the direction of TIC Sports Academy, Director of Physical Education, Director of Sport and SA head coach.

·       Provision of education and mentoring programmes.

·       Education pathways for players wishing to pursue a qualification or career through Physical Education.

·       Attainment of NCEA/CIE qualifications through the Sports Advantage Physical Education programme.

·       Attainment of the Avondale College Coaching Accreditation and coaching opportunities

·       The programme will engage players through real life learning via the SPARC Sports Ambassador Mentoring programme, Millennium Institute of Sport and Health visit, opportunities to meet and be mentored by some of New Zealand’s best athletes.

·       Potential placement in primary or intermediate schools and/or sports organisations, supporting the existing physical education, sports and health programmes.


Avondale College Sport and External Organisation Benefits

The Avondale College Sports Academy aims to provide our college sports programme with an environment that focuses on the successful delivery of sound coaching programmes and the opportunity to structure a whole school sports coaching programme. This will give our talented players the best opportunity to reach the same level of competency as our counterparts elsewhere.

The programme offers both our own sports programme and the regional sports organisations the following benefits:

·       Increasing players’ engagement in training to produce aspiring elite athletes and future sports leaders.

·       Combined sports training and education will allow young players the opportunity to follow their ambitions.

·       Assist to achieve athlete’s development programme beyond school.

·       Increase the interest and participation in the sports codes we offer.

·       Working with regional development officers to deliver sporting programs in schools, clubs and communities.

·       Achieve the Avondale College Sports Academy strategic plan and development objectives.

·       Up-skilling and development of our coaches and provide opportunities for Sports Academy students to take a leadership role in the delivery of sport at the college.

·       Provide Avondale College with a bank of student sports leaders to assist with the Junior Sports Coaching programme.

The Avondale College Sports Academy High Performance Programme

Avondale College offers a comprehensive Sports program to fulfil each athlete’s development and performance needs, covering all areas of the game of their chosen sport. The programme aims to define optimal training, competition and game analysis throughout an athlete’s time at the college to enable them to reach their full potential in their chosen sport.

The list below will give you an idea of some of the content of the programme:

·       Develop technique and skills
·       Develop tactics and strategies
·       Sessions on strength and conditioning
·       Nutrition, health & lifestyle advice
·       Expert coaching sessions for all positions
·       Laws of the game and fair play
·       Team building activities
·       Touring opportunities
·       Competitive local, regional and national competition
·       Access to regional and national coaches
·       Sessions with current top players
·       Coaching seminars
·       Development of mental strength and leadership
·       Excursions to see top clubs training
·       Game analysis
·       Visits to see games


How We Will Make a Difference


Premium Sporting Facilities


Offer 6 major Sports Codes


NCEA Qualification Pathway


INSPIRE Awards programme


Opportunities for further Tertiary pathways


Male and Female students


Sports Training at MISH


SPARC Ambassador Mentoring Program


Sports Leadership opportunities


High Performance Coaching and Training


Sports Tour Opportunities


AC Coaching Accreditation


Coaching and mentoring experience at local Primary and Intermediate Schools


Opportunities to witness international and National level teams


All Physical Education Teachers / Coaches have sports vocational education backgrounds & qualifications


Curriculum Pathway through Physical education

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