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Chair:  Dave Erson

Principal:  Lyndy Watkinson

Trustee:  Mike Allison

Trustee: Nua Silipa

Trustee:  Tanya Wendt Samu

Trustee:  Jenni Tupu

Trustee: Eileen Joy

Staff Representative:  Rhonda Donaldson

Student Representative: Myah Eketone

Secretary to the Board: Rochelle Smith zsmr@avcol.school.nz



The Board of Trustees exists primarily to govern the school on behalf of the community and as such we are tasked with continuously improving student progress and achievement outcomes through strategic leadership and direction to the school. The College’s Charter, containing the Strategic Plan, sets out our values and those characteristics that make Avondale College unique.


The Board is made up of members from a wide cross-section of society. We are accountable to the parents, students, the crown and our community to ensure that the school delivers on its strategic objectives.


An important part of a Board’s role is self-review. As part of this process, we welcome your feedback on our Charter, the Strategic Plan, and our Goals. We also welcome feedback on our Policies and on any aspect of our governance and leadership.

If you wish to bring matters to our attention, we invite you to email the Board of Trustees on zsmr@avcol.school.nz This address is that of the Board Secretary and will be forwarded to the Board Chair and the wider Board as necessary.


Avondale College Board of Trustees meet regularly. These meetings are not public meetings, but they are 'open to the public'. That means that even if you're not a trustee you are welcome to attend as an observer. 

We value all feedback in reviewing the operations of the College, so that we improve the way we operate in order to better support student progress and achievement.



Please find below a link to the Board Policies which include the following:

·       Board Delegations and Board Operations Policy

·       Curriculum and Assessment Policy

·       Planning and Reporting Policy

·       Personnel Policy

·       Finance and Property Policy

·       Health and Safety Policy

·       Legislative Requirements Policy

·       Child Protection Policy

Dave Erson


Board of Trustees



Finally, should you wish to make a formal complaint, I have also included a link below to the Complaints Procedure. Complaints against the Board or Board members or the Principal should be addressed to the Board Secretary, Avondale College, Victor Street, Avondale.




Avondale College Board of Trustees

Avondale College

Victor Street, Avondale

Auckland 1026

New Zealand


T +64 9 828 7024

E admin@avcol.school.nz

Office Hours: 8am-4pm Mon-Fri

College Shop: 8am-1.30pm Mon-Fri


T +64 9 820 1071

E absences@avcol.school.nz

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