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Academic Programme 2024

The beginning of Term 3 is an important time in the school calendar, with all students from Years 9 – 12 choosing their subjects for 2024. In preparation for this, we invite you to look through our Academic Programme over the holidays. This outlines all of the subjects available at Avondale College, along with the pre-requisites and other useful information. The digital Academic Programme is available on our website. Please note the hyperlinks in the contents page to help you navigate the document.

In the first week of Term Three, students will receive an email with a link to select their subjects for next year. This process will be supported by their home room teacher, and needs to be completed by Monday 31 July. Students at all year levels will choose ‘reserve’ options, and will also have the opportunity to rank their choices in order of importance.

Students will be prompted to enter their parent or caregiver’s email address so that you are aware of their choices; we would appreciate your support in responding to this with your approval.

Thank you for your support of Avondale College.

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