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Avcol dancers feature in 'K-Pop Academy' season 2

The TV series K-Pop Academy 2.0 is back and this time features four Avondale College students!

Rachel Kim and Juna Hall, who both also featured in K-Pop Academy Season 1 are joined this season by Jasmine Torora and Caitlin Carpenter and together as Team West, the show follows their journey from auditioning through to learning choreography, singing, rapping and recording in preparing for the grand final at the Pumphouse Theatre!

The teams take part in a 7-day boot camp where their dances, songs and raps are fine tuned to be performance ready and they undergo styling to create superstar costumes that match the vibe of each of their songs. They’re taught how to create a K-pop makeup look, get to take part in photo shoot and shoot music videos that will be released on Instagram ( in sync with the music tracks being released on TikTok, Spotify and iTunes – so watch out for them!

K-Pop Academy is funded by NZ On Air and will be released on HeiHei on TVNZ OnDemand in August 2021.

Photo credits: K-Pop Academy / HeiHei /NZ on Air

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