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Avcol student's work featured in top art exhibition

The work of talented painter Anna Hiew is being featured in a touring exhibition of New Zealand's top 50 Level 3 Art Folios this year! Anna, who came first in Avondale College's NCEA Level 3 Art Painting course while in Year 13 last year, also gained a NZQA Outstanding Scholarship for her work, placing her in the top 0.3% of art students in the country!

Exploring a theme of death, decay and new life, Anna says of her work: "Though decay is commonly associated with an ending, these processes can also be inversely perceived as symbols of new life and beginnings. In our consumerist culture, where we want the newest things that stand the test of nature, decay is seen as undesirable. I wanted to diverge from this general narrative by showing it in an optimistic regard. This, I would hope, would be a testament to one of the simple yet incredibly complex wonders of our world - showing how such an important aspect of our lives is so easily overlooked and under- appreciated."

Avondale College's Director of Art Ms Emma Watt, and teacher Ms Sophie McMillan, attended the opening of the exhibition, which was held at Massey University's Art Gallery in Wellington on Monday 21 February.

The exhibition will be touring New Zealand, arriving in Auckland in May. Find out more about the exhibition:

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