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Avcol students take part in K-Pop Academy

Three Avondale College students have danced their way into a new reality television show: K-Pop Academy. The series follows the progress of a group of 25 young performers who make it through the audition process into a two-week boot camp where they are coached by New Zealand’s very own Queen of K-Pop, dancer choreographer and instructor, Rina Chae, in preparation for live group performances.

Rachel Kim (Year 10), Levi/Minwoo Jung (Year 11) and Juna Hall (Year 9) all made it through the auditions and into the five groups where they had to learn dances and receive vocal coaching for singing or rapping. They then performed in their own music videos, took part in a photo shoot and finally after hours and hours of hard work were ready to perform live on stage.

In addition to the eight 15-17 minute episodes, there are eight four-minute tutorials fronted by Rina with star dance assistants chosen from each K-Pop group. From these, viewers can learn the moves to dance to each track. The tutorials include an entry level K-Pop dance, the audition dance, the dances each group learnt and performed in the series - Crush, Crazy, High, Hasty, Balmsae and the trickier Battle dance.

Episodes can be screened On Demand:

PHOTO CREDIT: K-Pop Academy/ NZ On Air / TVNZOnDemand

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