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Junior Prizegiving

The academic success of our Year 9 and 10 students was celebrated at Junior Prizegiving on Tuesday 8 December. Congratulations to all students who received prizes, certificates and sports awards in recognition of their endeavour and tenacity this year!

Particular congratulations to our top sporting and special award winners:

Sports Awards

Jamieson Cup - Outstanding Junior Sportsman: Jayden Collins & Branson Matsumoto

Goold Cup - Outstanding Junior Sportswoman: Issys Tobia-Pita

Everest Cup - Top All Round Junior Sportsperson: Le’Oxeayn Maiu’u

Special Awards

Year 9:

Rodney Gaddis Memorial Shield - Carys Chacko 9CLK

Year 10:

Junior Gordon Cole Music Cup - Francis Whall 10MKE

Endeavour Award - International Student of the Year - Anh Bui 10DYL

Andree Jannif Trophy - Ruby Hall 10STH

Junior Dux - Demelza Colaco 10MKE

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