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Start of school information for 2023

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Following is important information about the start of school in 2023.

The school office will close on 21 December and reopen on Tuesday 17 January.

The College Shop will open on Wednesday 18 January for uniform appointments (see below).


Re-enrolment will take place for Year 12 and 13 students who have not yet confirmed their courses for 2023, from Tuesday 24 January. The first day of school, and start times and locations will be staggered for each year level (details below).

Tuesday 24 January

10:30am-1pm: Re-enrolment/academic mentoring for Year 13s who have not yet confirmed courses for 2023

1:30pm-4pm: Re-enrolment/academic mentoring for Year 12 students who have not yet confirmed courses for 2023.

We are expecting NCEA and CAIE results to be available by 18 January 2023. As final course confirmation depends on these results, students will receive an email on 20 January with the subjects that have been approved for them in 2023. If students have five confirmed subjects, they do not need to attend re-enrolment. However, if they have fewer than five subjects listed, it’s important that they attend re-enrolment on Tuesday 24 January. School uniform does not need to be worn on this day.

Wednesday 25 January

Re-enrolment/academic mentoring catch up for Year 12-13s who need to confirm courses for 2023

Thursday 2 February

Year 13s: Meet at 9am in Stadium

Year 9s: Meet just before 10am outside the Stadium for the welcome Pōwhiri. Families welcome. Year 9 orientation programme runs today and Friday.

Day finishes at 3:15pm. Buses are running.

Friday 3 February

All year levels at school

Year 9s & 13s to home room at 8:55am

Year 12 to PAC at 10am

Year 11 in PAC at 11am

Year 10 in Stadium at 11am

Day finishes at 3:15pm. Buses are running.

Mon 6 February: Waitangi Day (school closed)

Tuesday 7 February

All students on timetable

CHANGE TO TIMETABLE: (Wednesday mornings) We wish to advise families that there will be a change to the start of the day on Wednesday to allow for teachers’ professional learning and development. There will be no Home Room on Wednesdays and students are expected to arrive at school ready to attend their Period 1 class at 9:10am. Bus times will be unchanged and the Library will be open to any students who wish to utilise it before Period 1 commences.

STATIONERY & BYOD Stationery requirements for 2023 can be found on our website. We would like to remind families that as a BYOD school, students are also expected to bring their device to school each day.

UNIFORM Uniform can be purchased from our College Shop from Wednesday 18 January between 10:30am-3:30pm. Our January appointment slots are now fully booked, but families without an appointment are welcome to turn up during opening hours and we will be able to serve you. Please be aware that there may be a short wait.

Please note that 2023 will be a transitional year for senior shirts (usually worn by boys). In 2023, Year 11-12 students are welcome to wear either the new senior shirt or the polo shirt. The polo shirt will be phased out for seniors by 2024.


Families who are new to Avondale College are encouraged to read through our Parents Handbook, which contains useful information about the College.

‘FAMILY CONNECTION’ PARENT PORTAL LOGIN In late January, an email will be sent advising our new families of their login details to Family Connection, Avondale College’s Parent Portal, and of their unique family code to be used as a reference when paying school accounts.

We wish all of our families a safe and happy holiday and we are looking forward to a successful year in 2023.

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