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Students design gallery and performing arts spaces

Tasked with designing a new performing arts centre or a multi-purpose gallery space, Year 12 and 13 Design & Visual Communication students have produced some outstanding final outcomes.

The students embraced the latest architectural software in bringing their ideas to life, including Revit, Autodesk Inventor, Adobe Illustrator, 3-D printing, and laser cutting technology to produce both digital and physical modelling.

The final products were on display in the TVC rooms on Friday and generated much discussion as students and staff considered the creative proposals.

Head of Resistant Materials and Design and Visual Communication, Mrs Brooke Nicholson said the event was an exciting opportunity for their TVC students to gain industry experience.

"Glen Sayers and I are both so proud to assist the development of such talented future designers, architects, and engineers. For these senior students to present such high-quality outcomes despite enduring a challenging school year is a testament to their character. They should be congratulated for their hard work and dedication. The future of Design and Visual Communication is in safe hands and we all can't wait to see what they come up with next year and beyond."

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