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Upate re NCEA Level 1

Updated: Mar 12

NCEA has been undergoing a significant national review in recent years, and 2024 is the first year of the new Level 1 programme.  The changes include a move to fewer, larger standards, which means that most standards are worth between four and six credits, and students will complete between three and four standards (assessments) in each subject. 

Students and parents may have received a course outline from subject teachers which differs slightly from the published Academic Programme.  This is because we have decided that to best set students up for Level 2 in 2025, while still providing the opportunity to gain Level 1 this year, we will offer 15 credits in some subjects, and 20 credits in others.  Students need 60 credits from their five subjects to gain Level 1, along with the Literacy and Numeracy co-requisite.

Last week, an Assessment Calendar template was shared with students (see link below). 

Assessment Calendar 2024
Download DOCX • 307KB

We encourage you to have conversations at home about assessment dates and requirements to ensure that deadlines are met, and students have every opportunity for success in 2024. Please contact department Directors if you have any queries about Level 1 courses.


NCEA Level 1 at Year 10

Our Year 10 teaching and learning programmes are carefully designed to prepare students effectively for the senior school. Year 10 assessments throughout the year provide students with a breadth of experiences that are aligned to both the NCEA and Cambridge curricula.  As a result of the NCEA Level 1 changes, we no longer have the range of Level 1 standards available at Year 10 as in previous years.  We are able to continue to offer Level 1 subject credits for Year 10 students in 2024 as follows:

Year 10 Subject

Level 1 credits available

Music: 4

Drama: 4

Dance: 4

Commerce: 2

Te Reo Māori: 4

Sports Academy: 3

These subject credits, if achieved, can be applied towards students’ 60 credit Level 1 total next year.

Literacy and Numeracy Year 10 & 11

In 2024, we are offering the Literacy and Numeracy co-requisites to students in Year 10 and Year 11. This is a new requirement needed to gain NCEA. There will be two opportunities for assessment this year (in May and September, depending on student readiness), with further opportunities every year until each student successfully completes them.  Please note that some students successfully completed these assessments in 2023.

The diagram below shows the structure of the new Level 1 NCEA qualification and how the co-requisites fit within the overall qualification.

If you have any questions about NCEA credits offered at Year 10, please contact your child’s subject teacher or the Director of the relevant department.


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