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"Relationships between teachers and students, and among students, are positive and affirming."





Our aim is to provide the education best suited to the needs of our student and the community that we serve, and we stress the importance of an academic curriculum that offers junior students a wide choice of subjects and seniors an academic programme that will prepare them well for tertiary studies and their future career.

Our timetable is structured so that students can study subjects at different levels in the same year.


Our senior students have the unique opportunity to choose from two education pathways, NCEA or Cambridge (CAIE) both of which offer a wide range of subjects to suit the individual interests and strengths of each student.


Advancement through course enrichment enables capable Year 9 and 10 students to be extended and well prepared for NCEA Endorsement or CAIE A*/A grades in Year 11. There is acceleration in Mathematics (NCEA or CAIE) from Year 10 onwards.

At senior level, our Scholars' Academy is designed to extend and enrich senior students academically through workshops and tutorials.


Our Learning Development Department works with individual students to support their learning, including the provision of Special Assessment Conditions where necessary. For those students who have particular needs which cannot fully be met in mainstream classes, our Learning Support programme offers a semi-homeroom situation with individual and small-group teaching.


Avondale College maintains a state-of-the-art data centre along with a network of over 1380 computers and wi-fi for all students.

While not compulsory, students are encouraged to bring their own personal devices to Avondale College to enhance their learning both inside and outside of the school.

Each student is provided with a Microsoft Office 365 account which includes email, cloud storage, Microsoft applications and more.

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