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The Performing Arts Academy brings our enthusiastic and dedicated students together in a practical and unifying way.



The Avondale College Performing Arts Academy is a high-performance programme aimed at giving our most gifted and passionate young artists the opportunity to develop their talents in a rich environment resourced with specialist teachers and purpose-built facilities.

Four Academy strands are offered at Year 9 and Year 10 level: Drama, Dance, Music - Jazz and Music - Classical. Students receive five hours of tuition a fortnight from 7:45am to 8:45am.


The programmes engage students in challenging but exciting learning experiences and develops performance techniques,  confidence, communication and presentation skills.

Students have the opportunity to gain qualifications in externally provided examinations offered by the New Zealand Music Education Board, the New Zealand Academy of Modern Dance, and the NZ Speech & Drama organisation.


Throughout the year, Academy students are offered performance opportunities that develop their skills in the theatre context.  These opportunities relate directly to other curricular and co-curricular performance pathways in the senior school.



Jazz Academy students focus on the main elements of jazz, including improvisation, swing, composition, arranging and performance. Each week the course will build on students' abilities to use these elements in group and solo situations.  



Students in the Dance Academy receive extended tuition in dance techniques, performance skills, choreography and physical conditioning. The programme explores an extensive range of dance genres and styles, including hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre and cultural dance forms.  The programme is co-constructive, allowing students to create a pathway of learning that supports their personal dance pathway.  



The Drama Academy offers an extended programme of drama and performance to foster skills in public presentation, expression and collaboration as well as confidence. 

Our akonga are encouraged to extend their imaginations through opportunities to create interesting and successful performance work, whist forming long-lasting relationships with their Academy peers and the teaching staff.



Classical Academy students develop ensemble skills with guided rehearsal and performance as part of a chamber group. They deepen their understanding of classical music styles relevant to their chosen instrumnent through the study of music relevant to their instrument. 


Entry to the Performing Arts Academy is by audition.

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