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We welcome enrolments for the following school year in June and July. Enrolment interviews take place in early August.


All students who live within the Avondale College zone are eligible to attend.



Avondale College currently is able to accommodate a certain number of students who live outside of our zone. Where the number of students exceeds the places available, a ballot will be held from the group with the lowest priority number according to the rules advised by the Ministry of Education.


The Government gives the following priority to out of zone enrolments in all schools:


Priority 1: Students enrolling for special programmes (Not applicable to Avondale College)

Priority 2: Siblings of currently enrolled students

Priority 3: Siblings of former students

Priority 4: Children of former students

Priority 5: Children of employees of Avondale College Board of Trustees. 

Priority 6: All other applicants


The Avondale College Enrolment Pack will be available from our school reception and website in June 2021.

OPEN EVENING: Wed 4 August 2021  4-7pm

Prospective students and families are warmly invited to our Open Evening in Term 3.


You will need to provide photocopies or digital scans of the following supporting documents to include with your application:


  • Completed Enrolment Form, Health Record & Data Use Agreement

  • Proof of 'Zone' status as applicable (if in zone, provide a power bill or for Priority 2-5, a copy of birth certificate of sibling or school photo or report of parent)

  • Copy of the latest school report

  • Copy of immunisation certificate

  • Copy of birth certificate

  • If not born in New Zealand, a copy of passport and visa or proof of residence

(If printing, please print on separate pages)



To apply for one of our Academy programmes for 2021, please fill out an online form by clicking the links below:





The Avondale College Board of Trustees advises that we will have a number of vacancies for out-of-zone students for 2021.  The Board operates an enrolment scheme; therefore it is required to fill any vacant out-of-zone places by ballot.  The Board has determined that in 2021, there are likely to be places for out-of-zone students as follows:  300 year 9 places, 5 year 10 places, 5 year 11 places, 10 year 12 places and 5 year 13 places.  Applications for places at any year level must be received by 4pm on 2 September (changed from 26 August) to be eligible for the ballots, which will be held, if required, on 9 September.  Parents will be notified of the outcome within three days of the ballots.


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to provide original documents?

Please provide copies or scans of the supporting documents with your application, then bring the original birth certificate (and passport/visa for students not born in New Zealand) when you come to your enrolment interview. We need to sight the original for our Ministry of Education documentation.

What is the likelihood of being accepted as an out of zone enrolment?

We take a number of out-of-zone enrolments each year depending on spaces available. Please make sure that you apply before the closing date to have the best chance in our ballot.

We are waiting for documentation (visa, school report)

Please send in your application, but be aware that we will not be able to process it until we have these missing documents.

We are moving into the Avondale zone soon. Can we enrol our child now?

You cannot enrol as an in-zone applicant until you have proof of an in-zone address. You are welcome to submit an out-of-zone application.

My power bill isn’t in my name – it’s in the name of a family member or friend we live with

You must provide some sort of proof of address in order for us to process an in-zone enrolment – please discuss this with us.

When will I find out what class my child will be in?

Your child will find out their timetable/classes/teachers on their first day of school.

My child has a close friend – can they be in the same class?

This is a very large school and our entrance testing helps us to determine class placements, so we’re unable to take friendships into account for class placements.

My child is a high achiever. Does that give them a better chance of being accepted as an out-of-zone enrolment?

No. All applications received by the closing date go into our ballot.

My child has particular learning needs

Please discuss these with us at your enrolment interview so that we can consider the ways we will be able to support your child.

Do I need to buy a laptop/device?

Devices are encouraged but are not compulsory.

I’m concerned about my child’s anxiety/mental health/transition into high school.

Please discuss this with us at your enrolment interview, and request a referral to one of our guidance counsellors.