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The Avondale College Shop is open Monday to Friday during term time, from 8.15 am - 1.30 pm, selling the Avondale College uniform and some stationery items.

The shop is located in the main Atrium building (Victor Street entrance).

A layby service is available until the end of December (No layby in January). 

EFTPOS facilities are available (AMEX not accepted). 

For further information: contact Charlotte Owens,, telephone 820 1734.


The Avondale College uniform gives our students a strong sense of belonging and connection to the traditions of the College.

We expect our uniform to be worn correctly, and for students to maintain a high standard of dress and appearance at all times, including when travelling to and from the College.


Our uniform is available exclusively from our College Shop, located in our main Atrium building.



  • The regulation school shoe is black, with an all-leather upper (not canvas or with a rubber toe), lace-up, with five pairs of eyelets (or less), free from manufacturers’ logos, cut below the ankle.

  • Sandals are to be regulation black leather Roman sandals with back straps, which must be worn without socks.

  • No sports shoes



  • Uniform should be worn correctly and not altered in any way; design modifications (such as tapering of trousers or shortening of skirts), are not permitted.

  • Boys socks are to be worn up, held to just below the knee with garters.

  • Shirts are to be tucked in, the only exception being the senior girls’ blouses.

  • Belts, if worn, must be black and plain.

  • Sandal back straps must be worn correctly and not folded down.

  • The only hat permitted is the regulation school cap and the only scarf permitted is the regulation school scarf.

  • No t-shirts are to be worn beneath the school shirt.

  • School bags and books must be graffiti-free.

  • Outerwear (Avondale College jackets, caps and scarves) may not be worn inside the classroom. Hoods on jackets are only to be worn in the rain.

  • All students are expected to be clean and neatly dressed.

  • Hair must be clean, tidy and natural in colour.

  • Headbands, hair ties or ribbons may be black or white only.

  • Boys must be clean-shaven and the beginnings of a beard or moustache must be shaved off. Sideburns are not to be worn below the ear.

  • Students must not wear makeup or nail polish.

  • No jewellery may be worn except for a watch and a plain gold or silver stud or sleeper in one or each ear lobe.

  • If students are unable to wear the correct uniform item for one day, they must bring a note from home to their Dean, so that a uniform pass may be issued.

Avondale College

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College Shop: 8am-1.30pm Mon-Fri


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