The Avondale College Sports Academy is a high-performance programme aimed at taking our most talented junior sportsmen and sports women to the next level by nurturing their ability and moulding them into healthy, productive and talented athletes.

Our philosophy is to develop a programme that not only instils the ethos of Avondale College but inspires our students to succeed in all aspects of life at the College and beyond.

In addition to their specialist coaching and classroom studies, Sports Academy students are expected to further their expertise and engagement through participation in Avondale College sports teams.

Many students have progressed from this level to compete in Auckland representative teams, and some to higher honours nationally.  Some of our Academy graduates have even been selected to full (adult) national squads whilst still at school.

The goal of the Academy is to provide students with the highest level of coaching and the highest level of competition.

  • Five mornings a fortnight (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, then Tuesday and Thursday)

  • Sessions run from 7:30am to 8:45am

  • Expert coaching by highly qualified and experienced elite coaches

  • Practical sessions focus on developing basic skills, acquiring more advanced skills and developing game understanding


Building on the Year 9 programme, the Year 10 Sports Academy programme follows a curriculum pathway through Physical Education with a mixture of sports-related theory, practical application and coaching in the six Sports Academy codes.

  • Five lessons a fortnight timetabled during school hours (three practical, two theory related)

  • Expert coaching by elite coaches

  • Practical sessions focusing on development of skills and game understanding

  • Theory lessons including topics such as physiology, anatomy and nutrition

The programme is designed to not only capture the imagination of students and nurture their abilities but also to underpin the NCEA credits they will be accelerated to attempt in Term 3


A limited number of places are available in each code and priority for admission to the Year 10 programme will be given to those students who successfully complete the Year 9 Sports Academy programme.

To apply for next year's Academy intake, please complete the application form in the link below.

Trials will be held in November.

To find out more, please contact our TIC Mr James Went: sportsacademy@avcol.school.nz

Trials for 2021


The Avondale College Sports Academy trial will be held on Friday the 20th of November. 


Students should meet in the Stadium (Gate 3, Rosebank Rd entrance) at 8.45am. The trial will conclude with students returned to the stadium to depart the school at 3.00pm. 


Students will perform a series of skill drills followed by small sided games. During these sessions they will be assessed on their ability, attitude and potential. Those deemed appropriate for the respective academies by the coaches in attendance will be selected. A letter will be sent home to advise if they have been accepted into the first Sports Academy intake. 


Trial sports: Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Netball and Rugby. 


Students are to bring: Appropriate sports shoes and clothing, sun hat, sun screen, equipment required for the sport, lunch, snacks and water. 


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact  j.went@avcol.school.nz

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