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Avondale College Jazz & Soul

Held on 6 August 2020, Avondale College's Jazz & Soul night was a spectacular evening of music by some of the College's very best performers. The evening included items from our Jazz Academy students, a number of jazz combos, the Dale Soul band, the Avondale College Stage Band, Big Band, Gospel Choir and more! For many students, this was the first real opportunity they have had to perform this year, given the cancellation of events such as the Tauranga Jazz Festival, the Auckland Schools Jazz Festival, the KBB Music Festival - and it was clear that much hard work has been taking place in practice rooms, classrooms and at home throughout the year!

Congratulations to the more than 100 performers who took part, and to Head of Jazz, Mr Mike Robinson, and the other dedicated music teachers and tutors on putting on such an entertaining evening!

Enjoy just some items from the night in the video clips below.

JAZZ & SOUL 2020

Blue Note Combo: Brother Hubbard
Avondale College Big Band:
No More Blues
Five Spot Combo: Soy Califa
52nd Street Combo: 7 Ts
Avondale College Big Band: Brother Mister
Dale Soul: It's Got to be Real
Toby & The Rest: Jazz Crimes
Blue Note Combo: Strasbourg/
St Denis
Dale Soul: Play that Funky Music
Dale Soul: Master Blaster
Avondale College Quintet: Train 
Five Spot Combo: Whisper Not
Gospel Choir: Total Praise

Jazz Academy

Kyle Burden – Tenor Sax Renzo Cawley – Trumpet

Jakob Elijas – Trombone Si Si Fernando – Drums

Zoe Anderson-Jones – Alto Sax Rahul Shetty – Drums

Koito Segawa – Vocal Toby Zhang – Alto Sax

Caitlin Rushton – Vocals Myah Eketone – Bass

Francis Whall – Bass Alishha Bhatt – Alto Sax

Jas Khakh – vocals Nathaniel Kirk – Drums/Guitar

Ben Ridsdale – Alto Sax Feiyang Wu – Tenor Sax

Bridget Stevenson – Bass Allegra D’Souza – Vocals

James Penman – Trumpet

Five Spot Combo

Myah Eketone – Bass Ben Ridsdale – Alto Sax

Simon Shilov – Tenor Sax Chester Rowland – Drums

Lucas Wongso – Guitar Jakob Elijas – Piano


Gospel Choir

Ahleeniah Huch

Alicia Sileli

Angel Maene-Lokeni

Arabella Mulumu Latu

Apirathi Sivakumar

Ashanti Ilagan

Blessing Faaumuumu

Dom Tupou

Delores Lesatele

Ephraim Matafai

Ezekiel Leauga

Grace Allen-Kemp

Harmony Timu

Jaynia Lafaele

JJ Gaina

Laizyarah Lafaele

Leata Lealofi

Mariam Sesiashvili

Myrah Ah-Lin

Samira Hamid

Steven Tuitama-Muaiava

Sylvia Tagaloa-leniu

Tautiaga Gaina

52nd Street Combo

Nuala Edmundson – Alto Sax Archie Hammond – Piano

Leo Spykerman – Bass Abigail Shin-Kelso – Trombone

Marvin Yuen – Drums Zennah Shin-Kelso – Trumpet

Davi Binx– Guitar *Special guest Christian Tivoli – Bass

Tamanna and Olivia Duet

Tamanna Srivastava – Vocals Olivia Mallon – Guitar

Toby and the Rest

Toby Barrett – Tenor Sax Tyler Diprose – Bass

Max Barrett – Drums Lucas Kewell – Piano

Avondale College Quintet

Max Crook – Drums Aaron Guo – Guitar

Toby Barrett – Tenor Sax Tyler Diprose – Bass

Sunwoo Oh – Piano

Blue Note Combo

Anna Neumann – Tenor Sax Lucas Kewell – Piano

Owen Morgan – Drums Nathaniel Kirk – Drums

Francis Whall – Bass Moi Oki – Alto/Baritone Sax


Bruno Ferrada Rosati – Guitar

Joseph Jaril Young – Guitar

Nathaniel Kirk– Drums

Feiyang Wu – Tenor Sax

Alishha Bhatt – Alto Sax

Francis Whall – Bass

Samira Hamid – Vocals

Katherine Lesatele – Vocals

Dale Soul

Christian Tivoli – Guitar

Lionnixz Tuanai – Keys

Leo Chen – Drums

Moi Oki – Baritone Sax

Alicia Silei – Bass

Angel Maene-Lokeni – Vocals

Ephraim Matafai – Vocals

Delores Lesatele – Vocals

Steven Tuitama-Muaiava – Vocals

Anna Neumann – Tenor Sax

Zennah Shin-Kelso – Trumpet

Eleana Nash – Alto Sax

Gypsy Jazz Group

Lucas Wongso – Guitar

Milli Manins – Violin

Chisato Aida – Violin

Francis Whall – Guitar

Tyler Diprose – Bass

Sacha Watts – Clarine

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