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"Avondale College provides a high standard of education. It offers students a broad, well designed curriculum that is responsive to their diverse needs and aspirations."

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News & Current Events

Avcol students join in with APO's massive orchestra for NZ Music Month

Being part of a 400-strong orchestra was an amazing experience for some of our most talented junior musicians as they took part in the 'Bring it Together' event... >>

Orchard for Avondale students

Howling winds and pouring rain did nothing to deter a group of determined Horticulture students from planting out an orchard at Avondale Primary School recently, as part of the primary school’s involvement in the Orchards in School scheme... >>

Casual vacancy for an elected trustee

A casual vacancy has occurred on the Board of Trustees for an elected parent representative. The board has resolved under section 105 of the Education Act 1989 to fill the vacancy by selection... >>

International Students

Welcome to our School

Our student body of over 2700 includes 140 international students who come to Avondale College for the high quality of education that is on offer both in English language, and in the broader academic curriculum. >>

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