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32 NZ Scholarships for Avcol students

Regarded as the most challenging assessment available to secondary students, New Zealand Scholarships provide recognition and monetary reward to top students in their last year of schooling.

Candidates are assessed against challenging standards and are expected to demonstrate high-level critical thinking, abstraction and generalisation, and to integrate, synthesise and apply knowledge, skills, understanding, and ideas to complex situations.

The results of the 2021 examinations were announced last week, and 32 NZ Scholarships in 13 different subjects were gained by Avondale College students!

Of particular note is Leon Sun's achievement of an Outstanding Scholarship in Chemistry, placing him amongst the very highest of achievers in New Zealand.

Also of note are three students who each achieved three Scholarships: Nico Davies in Biology, Chemistry and Physics; Aditya Tendulkar in Physics, Statistics, Calculus; and Elijah Kasmara in English, History and Classical Studies.

Four students (Yoana Llenaresas, Ye Qian Shi, Deiza Talreja and Mary Wang) achieved Scholarships while still in Year 12; and one student, Luca De Biasio, achieved a Calculus Scholarship while only in Year 11!

Congratulations to all our high achievers on their success!


Riya Balia - Biology

Tristram Barraclough - Physics

Toby Barrett - Music

Nico Davies - Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Miles Davies - Classical Studies

Luca De Biasio - Calculus

Nuala Edmundson - Classical Studies

Nishita Ganatra - Accounting

Gayatri Ganesh - Physics, Calculus

Brooke Gapes - Statistics

Joo-Yeon Jeong - Calculus

Mio Kamiya - Painting

Elijah Kasmara - English, History, Classical Studies

Yoana Llenaresas - Biology

Anna Neumann - Painting

Moi Oki - Japanese

Nilam Patel - Design

Tina Quach - Statistics

Ye Qian Shi - Statistics

Leon Sun - Chemistry (O), Physics, Calculus

Deiza Talreja - Biology

Aditya Tendulkar - Physics, Statistics, Calculus

Mary Wang - Calculus

Nico Davies - Three NZ Scholarships

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