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Badge assembly for our Prefects

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Monday's assembly honoured our Year 13 students who have been appointed prefects this year.

A prefect at Avondale College has to have the ability to lead across all year levels of students, and must also have the capability to relate well to the teachers and other adults who are part of our school community. A prefect at Avondale College must be able to relate to students from the full range of cultural diversity and ethnic background, in a way that is inclusive, non-judgemental and respectful. Prefects at Avondale College embrace our HEART values, and exemplify them by their actions. That includes in the classroom, on the stage, on the sports field and out in our community. Congratulations to those who have been appointed to this significant role this year.

Prefects 2021: Aariz Ali, Chanel-Jordann Allen, Jessica Allen-Tun, Victor Bao, Toby Barrett, Hamed Basiri, James Bertulfo, Holly Bliss, Sirivimon Champakvan, Yongli Chansavang, Alice Chen, Athicha Chuajedton, Ellie Crellin, Tyler Diprose, Lourdes Dsouza, Hunter Easterbrook, Nuala Edmundson, Shaylee Edwards, Myah Eketone, Grace Elijas, Mikey Faletua’i, Jayden Fatu Uili, Jeffrey Fu, Brooke Gapes, Keon Hall, Archie Hammond, Izabella Hosie, Tiara ‘Ilolahia, Keegan Jephson, Lucas Kewell, Rinish Kumar, Winnie Leckey, Delores Lesatele, Jan Grace Lopez, Fabian Malungahu, Anna Neumann, Roshni Oberoi, Hayato Ogasawara, Moi Oki, Nimit Parekh, Shivang Patel, Khemin Phokaisopit, Maya Pinto, Joanna Poland, Lex Revell-Lewis, Zubin Roy, Jericho Salcedo, Poppy Samson, Steve Setefano, Hem Shah, Jayden Shen, Ilya Shilov, Abigail Shin-Kelso, Zennah Shin-Kelso, Leo Spykerman, Yash Topiwala, Una Van Dalen, Luke Vopel, Aiden Wachter, Maraea Whiu, Sarah Yu, Oscar Zhang.

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