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Changes to uniform announced

After consultation with our student body and Student Council, Avondale College is pleased to announce the following changes to our uniform rules. Should parents and caregivers wish to clarify any of these changes, please contact one of our Deans.

From our Student Council Representatives:

Avondale College has been proudly wearing its school uniform since 1945. We have had several uniform changes over the past decades, the most recent being in 2017, effective January of 2018. That review helped improve the durability of some items of uniform as well as providing more uniform options to the students. Recently, Avondale uniform has undergone a non-comprehensive review by the Student Council, the Avondale College Executive Team and the Board of Trustees. This review focused on some rule changes that have been requested by the student body. Class Representatives took suggestions from their classes and passed it along to their Year Level Representatives, who discussed it with the Student Council. These suggestions were then taken to the Executive Team and Board of Trustees. Three significant changes to the Avondale uniform have been approved:

  • BOYS' TROUSERS: Effective 2021, Year 9 and 10 boys can choose to wear the long grey uniform trousers.

  • BOYS' SOCKS: Boys will have the option of wearing our regulation plain black socks, like those the Year 13 students and all girls wear, instead of the long socks that are currently being worn by junior boys. This will be put into effect in Term 3 of this year.

  • SCHOOL JACKETS: Finally, something that has been sought after for quite some time, the school jacket can now be worn inside the classroom, effective immediately.

These uniform changes were conceived through the endeavour of the student body. Thanks to the Avondale College Executive Team, Board of Trustees and our fellow student council members for making this possible.

- Oscar Shaw and Tia Deb - Student Council members (Year 10)

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