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CWC Women's Leadership Programme

Two Year 12 Avondale College cricketers, Hiruni Peirus and Poppy Whitfield, attended a leadership programme on Saturday 19 March that was held in conjunction with the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup.

The programme comprised a 120 -minute workshop delivered by Women in Sport Aotearoa Co-founder Sarah Leberman that focused on ‘exercising leadership’. The session encouraged personal exploration of individual values, strengths and passions and how these can be applied in the sporting context. Both Hiruni and Poppy, along with the other attendees from other secondary schools, were then treated to some Eden Park hospitality in the afternoon while they watched one of the cricket matches live on the field.

“The leadership programme was an amazing experience!" said Hiruni.

"It was very motivating! I learnt that leaders aren’t just those that are in positions and in fact there is a leader within each one of us. Believing in your values and speaking up for what you believe are all part of that inner leader. This programme encouraged me to think about my values and my passions and what steps I can take to achieve my goals for my future."


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