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Exams - key info

Avondale College wishes our NCEA and Scholarship students all the very best with the exams that start next week on Monday 22 November!

Click here to view the timetable on the NZQA website.

Students and parents may find it useful to familiarise themselves with the rules and instructions for students sitting external exams:


What time do I need to be at my exam?

Check your admission slip carefully for your exam times. Morning exams start at 9.30am. Afternoon exams start at 2.00pm. Please be here 30 minutes before your exam. If you need an admission slip or ID printed off, come 45 minutes beforehand.

Where do I go to find out what exam room I am in?

There will be a whiteboard at the far end of the Atrium showing you which room you will be in. Most exams are in A Block.

What should I bring to the exam?

You must bring your Admission Slip and Student ID and put on the table for the Supervisor to check.

Bring black or blue pens, pencils, approved calculator if needed - all in a clear plastic bag.

Where should I go if I don't have my Admission Slip?

Go to the NZQA window of the Main Office to have one printed off.

Where should I go if I don't have my student ID card or photo ID?

Go to the Deans to get an ID printed.

What do I wear?

Full school uniform and a mask.

What should I do if I am unwell on the day of the exam or not able to attend?

You must stay home if you have cold or flu symptoms. Parents should call or email the Absence Line to explain all absences on 09 8201070 or email:

Are there UEGs for my Scholarship exams?

There are no Unexpected Event Grades for Scholarship.

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