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Furiously fast filmaking at 48 Hour Film Fest!

A quirky 'spoon heist', the Russian Mafia, and a mysterious package were some of the elements to make it into the plot-line, as our group of senior Media Studies students rose superbly to the challenge of creating a short film in just 48 hours last weekend!

The 48 Hour Film Festival is a nationwide competition where teams of aspiring filmmakers have have just two days/nights to plan, write, shoot, and edit a short film. Each team has to include compulsory elements assigned at the beginning of the competition. This year’s elements - revealed at 7pm on the Friday evening - were a ‘Confidant’ character, a ‘ticking’ sound effect, a ‘package’ object, and the technical element of 'a reflection’. In addition, each team was assigned a different genre or type of movie that they had to create – our team of 13 had ‘The Race Against Time Movie’.

“It was an intense two days filled with both stress and fun," said Grace Elijas (Year 13). "We worked together to make Spoonraiders, a short film about a group of thieves trying to find a special spoon. It was an amazing opportunity to learn about all the different jobs and aspects that go into making a film, and it was great to spend time with a group of fun, creative people.”

The students stayed at school all weekend, working late into the nights to create their film, under the supervision of Media teachers Mrs Hunt and Miss Ackermann, with the additional help of Mr Hughes, Ms Medland and Mrs Norton's costume cupboard! They managed to get their film written, costumed, filmed, edited, exported and uploaded with just 45 minutes to spare!

Hunter Easterbrook (Year 13) was the student director. "It was so much fun!" he said. "In retrospect the moments of stress were so worth it to be able to see our collaborative ideas come together. The chance to be able to direct a film that is essentially the brainchild of 13 students was an incredible learning experience for me personally. After so many in-jokes and spoon puns, I’m left excited for what the future of the 48 Hour Film Festival holds! “LES CUILLERE!”"

Students were: Amir Darbad, Eloise Constantine-Powles, Lucy Danko, Hunter Easterbrook, Grace Elijas, Chanul Jayasekera, Kowhai Mokaraka, Alice O'Brien, Jack Patten, Kate Perfect, Ruby Real and Marianna Zvonareva

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