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Grace selected for Silver Ferns!

Just one year ago, Grace Nweke was wearing the Avondale College black dress on the netball court. Next month, she will put on another black dress - this time with a silver fern on the front! The 18-year-old has been selected for our national team to play in the Cadbury Netball series next week. It is the latest highlight in Grace's meteoric rise through the netball ranks in recent months, with her performances in the goal of Auckland's Northern Mystics earning her much well-deserved recognition, despite her age.

There was a lot of media coverage of her achievement this week, and if you missed the announcement, you can Read the article here or listen to RNZ's interview here:

Grace is the second Avondale College alumna to become a Silver Fern; she follows in the footsteps of Grace Kara (nee Rasmussen), sister of Avondale College's netball coach, Rachel Rasmussen, who was selected for the Silver Ferns in 2010 and who still plays at national franchise level today.


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