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Important info re rostering home

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Over the past few weeks a significant number of our staff have become unwell with cold and flu symptoms or have been impacted by COVID-19. In line with Ministry of Education advice, we have made the decision to begin rostering students home for one day a week, so that staff-student ratios can be safely maintained.

The rostering home will start on Thursday 26 May, with our Year 9 students, and then on Friday 27 May with Year 10 students. Rostering will continue from next week as follows:

Monday: Year 13

Tuesday: Year 12

Wednesday: Year 11

Thursday: Year 9

Friday: Year 10

Please note the switch to the days that junior years are rostered home. This is to reduce the impact on junior option and core classes. Rostering home will continue until we are confident we can advise staffing levels have returned to normal.

Teachers who are at school will be working with students in class every day, including covering for absent colleagues. Therefore, they will not be actively teaching students on the day they are rostered home. Students should continue with their work and study independently on the day that they are home, which may include finishing classwork, doing homework, working towards assessments or going over class notes.

The school library will be available as a study centre for students who need to study at school on the day they are rostered home. They must report to the duty teacher at 8.50am, and will be dismissed at 3.15pm

If you have any concerns or questions, please do get in touch. Your child’s Home Room teacher or class teachers should be able to help you with most queries, and the contact details for our staff are on our website.

Yours sincerely

Dr Terry Brown

Associate Principal

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