Mathematics competition success!

New Zealand Mathematics Olympiad

Congratulations to Jerry Nguyen (pictured) in Year 11 who has made it through to the second round of the New Zealand Mathematics Olympiad competition! Jerry was one of five Avondale College students who entered the first round, and the only one to make it through to the invitation-only second round. We await the results of this latest test with great anticipation!

Australian Maths Competition

Avondale College students have once again gained some pleasing results in the Australian Maths Competition. Of particular note are Year 9 students Seivin Kim and Hohua Lam who have received High Distinction awards. Seivin scored in the 98th percentile and Hohua in the 97th percentile of all students who took part in the competition for that year level. Also of note is Year 10 student Oscar Shaw who scored in the 97th percentile, receiving a Distinction award.

Also gaining Distinction awards were: Leon McRostie, Ayush Sriram, Athana Umapran and Bryan Binuraj in Year 9 and Umi van Dalan and Chanyu Park in Year 10.


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