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Meet our Safe School Leaders

Avondale College's Safe School Leaders (SSL) were presented with their badges at assembly on Monday 17 May. The role of SSL is to prevent and stop any bullying and harrassment happening at school. The SSL patrol the school grounds at intervals and lunchtimes, are involved with mentoring our junior students and create projects around school that encourage our students to be able to stand loud and proud and say no to bullying. The SSL's are an integral part of fostering a bully free environment at school.

Mr J Tai, Director of Guidance

Safe School Leaders 2021

Year 13: Roshni Oberoi, Nishita Ganatra, Khushi Bhala, Ellie Crellin, Alice Chen, Tua Tuiatua, Tina Quach, Brooke Gapes, Audrey You, Jenny Wang, Katelyn Smith, Winnie Leckey, Afreen Osman, Katie Palmer

Year 12: Yousaf Noor, Yemima Babu, Danica David, Feba Santosh, Nadiya Chandra, Harsh Chezzar, Arian Bhaveth, Bhai Patel, Leah Chan, Maanav Chezzar

Year 10: Riya Shah, Maya Akama, Raynah Mohammed, Nikhila Sethu

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