Out of Zone vacancies for Term 2

The Board of Trustees advises that we may have a small number of vacancies for out-of-zone students to start in Term Two.

The Board operates an enrolment scheme; therefore it is required to fill any vacant out-of-zone places by ballot.

The Board has determined that in Term Two there may be up to the following number of places for out-of-zone students: 10 Year 9 places; 5 Year 10 places; 5 Year 11 places; 10 Year 12 places and 5 Year 13 places.

Applications for places at any level must be received by 4pm on Thursday 1 April to be eligible for the ballots, and any applications already received will be included in the ballots.

If required, ballots will be held on 7 April.

Parents will be notified of the outcome within three days of the ballots.

Email: for more information


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