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Performing Arts Academy Showcase

The Avondale College Performing Arts Academy put on a superb evening of entertainment last week, showcasing much of what they have been working on in their strands of Dance, Drama, Jazz and Classical Music this year.

This term the Performing Arts Academy focused on creating opportunities for collaboration between strands, says TIC Mr M Robinson.

"The idea was to provide students with a chance to work with other students outside of their strand, to explore new genres, where unrelated forms could come together and spark new ideas," he said.

"What started out as a concept to bring a few strands together for a joint performance quickly scaled into a massive venture encompassing all the Performing Arts Academy strands. Within weeks a kind of creative magic took place, lines were scripted, music was arranged, and dances were choreographed. The project was a huge success and a testament to our talented students and their strand leaders. It was a privilege to watch the students take on leadership roles and develop new skills."

Sincerest thanks go to those who have supported the Performing Arts Academy in 2020, especially the strand directors, our talented, hard-working students, and their whānau.

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