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Record results! 43 NZ Scholarships and a Top Scholar award

It's been a big week for Avondale College's top scholars, with the announcement of a record number of New Zealand Scholarships!

In total, 43 New Zealand Scholarships were awarded to 29 Avondale College students, across 16 different subject areas.

New Zealand Scholarship is regarded as NZQA's most difficult - and prestigious - secondary school academic award. To be awarded the New Zealand Scholarship, students are expected to show deep understanding of the subject, demonstrate high-level critical thinking and the ability to apply their understanding to complex situations.

Of particular note are two students - Justin Yang and Tia Deb - who gained four awards each; in Chemistry, English, Physics, Statistics for Justin, and in Design, English, Media Studies and Spanish for Tia.

Two students gained three: Umi van Dalen - in Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, and Vivek Doddi in Calculus, Chemistry, Physics.

Three students gained Outstanding Scholarships, placing them in the very highest tier of national scholars: Leo Taylor in Drama, Elvin Yuen in Painting and Oscar Shaw in Drama.

In addition to gaining an Outstanding award, Oscar was also recognised as the top scholar in Drama in the whole country; a fantastic achievement, and the second year running that an Avondale College student has gained this award.

Remarkably, not all the scholars were in Year 13 last year; two students - Shrihan Bobbala and Yi Feng Chen - gained Scholarships in Calculus while still in Year 11! Seven Scholarships were gained by students in Year 12.

Our top scholars will be celebrated in our Scholars assembly next week, which will be followed by our academic badges assembly for NCEA Excellence awards and Cambridge high achievement awards.


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