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School Ball - A message from the Principal

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Senior Students

The Avondale College Ball last weekend was a fantastic occasion. It is an annual event that is hugely enjoyed by both students and staff, and which is very much part of our school traditions. For our senior students, attending the formal Ball as young adults is a very special occasion and a highlight of the school year. I really enjoyed seeing our students wearing their finery and having such a good time together. It was great to be part of such an enjoyable event as we all continue to navigate the challenges of living and learning in a COVID world.

Along with many in our community, I am very disappointed to see in the media over the past week that Avondale College has become connected with the ongoing disagreement between Eden Park and their nearby residents.

Eden Park made really good efforts to make the arrival of our group as smooth as possible, providing an early admissions time and a well-organised drop off area within their grounds. I acknowledge that there was a build up of traffic over the drop off time and that some cars played music. Unfortunately, this seems to have disturbed some nearby residents, despite the best efforts of Eden Park to minimise disruption.

My sincere thanks go to the teachers and the Ball Committee for their organisation of such a superb event. Our Ball is an occasion that means a great deal to students and their whānau, and I look forward to next year being just as good!

Yours faithfully,

Lyndy Watkinson PRINCIPAL

T 09 828 7024 W Victor Street, Avondale, Auckland 1026, New Zealand


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