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Update from the Principal - 4 March

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Thank you for your support as we have started to roster students home for one day each week. We will review this weekly, and hope that all students can return to attending daily very soon. The school library is available for students who need to study at school on the day that they are rostered home.

It is important that students attend school every day that they possibly can. We are at the mid-point of the term, and many classes are coming to the end of their first unit of work for the year, with assessments and tests taking place. Attendance at school will provide students with the best opportunities for success with their learning.

We understand that the ten day self-isolation period for COVID cases and household contacts is a long period away from school. We know that students want to be able to catch up with any work that they miss if they are sick, and they want to be clear about the independent study that they should be doing on the day they are rostered home, or if they are self-isolating. We also know that parents and caregivers want to be able to support their children with the work they are doing at home.

From next week, all of our teachers will provide a weekly Teaching and Learning Plan (see template below). This is not to replace the detailed information and resources that are provided on Teams, rather it is to give a brief overview of the week to support students to organise their work, and provide parents with a tool to assist with their child’s learning. The Learning Plans will be published through each class’s Teams page and/or student email. I strongly encourage parents to discuss the work for the week with their child, especially if they are working at home or if deadlines are imminent.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do get in touch. Your child’s Home Room teacher or class teachers should be able to help you with most queries, and all of the contact details for our staff are on our website. Ngā mihi nui

Lyndy Watkinson PRINCIPAL T 09 828 7024 W Victor Street, Avondale, Auckland 1026, New Zealand


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