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Year 13 Geographic research: A Changing Avondale

During the last two weeks our Year 13 Core Geography students have been learning about changes proposed for the Avondale Town Centre and have been carrying out their own research.

Students learnt about improved cycle ways to New Lynn and Te Atatu South, changes to the Western Line railway with the CRL, upcoming housing developments, and changes to the Community Centre and Library.

In groups, students selected a specific aspect to investigate further. Some groups are looking at improvements for pedestrians and traffic flow, including seating and footpaths. Other groups are focusing on the range of shops and medical services, the location of further high-density housing and the best use of currently vacant land.

Alongside this work, the school has been working with Panuku (the planning arm of Auckland Council) to open a dialogue so students can have a say in the future development of their town centre. This week students will meet with Urban Planners from Panuku to discuss their ideas before continuing the write up of their investigations.

It is great to see students involved in their local community and taking part in their future.

Mr Smith - HOD Geography

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