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40 Hour Famine - Students step up to help stop the hunger pandemic!

Avondale College students have raised over $5,000 towards the work of World Vision by participating in the 40 Hour Famine over the weekend! Students took on a variety of challenges - such as going without food, living without furniture or turning off technology for 40 hours - to raise funds which will go towards helping stop the hunger pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa which has been made critical due to the wider impact of Covid.

Avcol students also showed generosity in supporting two school-based fundraising events - a bake sale and a lunchtime concert - which were run by our 40 Hour Famine student leaders.

Donations are still coming in, so we don't have the definitive figure yet, but World Vision's Youth Ambassador Alyssa Wilson tells us that the money Avondale College has raised so far, for example, could provide 200 chickens, or 20 community gardens, helping so many learn sustainable ways to grow their 5+ a day.

It's not too late to make a donation - follow the links in our Avcol fundraising page here:


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