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Academic Badge assembly recognises excellence

Avondale College's highly coveted Excellence and Distinction academic badges were awarded to a record number of students at the Honours Assembly held on Monday. Two hundred and twenty-two students were awarded Excellence badges for NCEA and Distinction badges for CAIE, based on their achievement in their 2020 qualifications.

Fifty-six students received NCEA Excellence badges for their Level One endorsements last year, and 58 in Level Two. Sixty-eight students were awarded CAIE Distinction badges based on the average of their top three Cambridge examinations in IGCSE, and 40 in AS.

Academic badges recognising Merit endorsement and achievement in NCEA, as well as Credit and achievement grades in Cambridge, will be distributed to students in their home room classes next week.

Congratulations to all who have earned endorsements in their chosen qualifications pathway!

For a full list of names, Click here

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