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Auckland Philharmonic mentoring for Avcol Symphony Orchestra

Some of Auckland's very best professional musicians spent time with Avondale College students on Tuesday afternoon as part of the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra's school partnership programme.

During the ninety minute after-school session, the Avondale College Symphony Orchestra broke up into their different section groups, with an APO mentor taking the students through pieces they have been rehearsing throughout the year.

"It was a great opportunity for our students to receive input from an inspiring group of professionals", says Avondale College's Director of Music, Dr Julie Garner.

"The experience we had with the APO mentors was really valuable! It allowed us to learn and become a stronger and more unified section. Our mentor helped us work on parts that we needed to and made us aware of things we hadn't previously noticed while playing, allowing us to improve our ability and the pieces. We received good advice that we'll be able to use for ages to come. Overall it was a really enjoyable and beneficial experience!" - Zennah Shin-Kelso (Trumpet)

"We were able to work in sectionals and not only develop our musical skills but expand our knowledge of music. We were provided with an encouraging and motivating environment that enabled us to connect with the musicians. It was a completely unique and memorable experience for all of us!" - Chelsea Hong (Violin & Concertmaster)

"Working with the APO mentors was a great opportunity for all of us. The workshops were really helpful in making us a better, more cohesive section and thinking about different ways of approaching the music." - Grace Elijas (Cello)

The College would like to thank each mentor for sharing their time and expertise.

Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra Mentors

Camille Wells - High Wind (flute/oboe) sectional

Jessica Goldbaum - Low Woodwind (clarinet/ bassoon) sectional

Carl Wells - High Brass Sectional

Tim Sutton - Low Brass Sectional

Jenny Raven - Percussion Sectional

Milena Parobzcy - Violin 1 Sectional

Gill Ripley - Violin 2 Sectional

Sue Wedde - Viola Sectional

David Garner - Cello Sectional

Bella Zilber - Double Bass Sectional

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