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Uniform - Book your appointment with the College Shop

In 2022 the Avondale College Shop will be introducing an appointment system for purchasing uniform.

This will help us ensure the number of people on site is limited, in accordance with Health & Safety considerations, while also enabling families to select a time that is convenient for them.

The College Shop will open from Thursday 20 January, in the Avondale College Atrium (Victor Street entrance). The days and hours of opening, and the uniform price list is listed on our website:

To book your 30 minute appointment, follow the link below and select a suitable date and time on the bookings calendar.

Please note that the Avondale College Shop will have some restrictions due to Health & Safety considerations:

  • We encourage families to come prepared, knowing the correct sizing required. Guidelines will be available on the school website to help select the correct size for your child

  • We would prefer just one adult to accompany the student. If there is more than one student per family, please come together in the one appointment

  • It is mandatory to sign in either using the QR code or with our paper register

  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory on school grounds and including the College Shop

  • Avondale College will not be taking second-hand items until we are in 'Orange traffic light' setting

The link to the booking system can also be found on our website.

Alternatively, bookings can be made by emailing or by phoning: 09 820 1734.

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