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Event inspires students to 'Dream Big'

During the holidays, Avondale College's four female head prefects had the opportunity to attend the Dreaming Big Year 13 event organised by On Being Bold, an online collective created to support women in business.

The students heard from a number of successful women from different business sectors who presented sessions on entrepreneurship, getting an interview, and leading a diverse team. Key speakers included the Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern and Dame Therese Walsh.

"Dreaming Big was an incredible experience which has definitely changed my outlook on life outside of school and reminded me that the best thing to do when given an opportunity is take it! It was a privilege to hear from the Prime Minister as well as all the other incredibly influential speakers. This day is one which I am immensely grateful for and will truly never forget." 

-        Olivia Mallon

"The Dreaming Big event was an eye-opening experience, and it was a privilege to hear from women across many successful careers. I felt I really took away the impression that there are many paths to success and that the next step in your life or career does not have to define your end goal."

-        Sophie Francis

"It was interesting to learn about the challenges and nuances of being a woman in a leadership role, especially holding executive positions such as CEO of ANZ or Prime Minister of New Zealand!"

-        Emily O’Callaghan

"It was really inspiring to see a group of such amazing women who have accomplished so much. It opened myself up to what I can achieve on a global scale and most importantly, that I am capable of so much more than I realise and that self-belief is the most important thing."

-        Fiona Wang


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