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How to book a Parent Teacher Meeting

Junior Parent Teacher meetings will be held on Tuesday 5 April.

They are for students in Years 9 and 10, their parents and their home room teacher. The meetings will be 15 minutes long and will allow students to highlight things they’re enjoying at school, as well as give home room teachers an opportunity to summarise students’ reports and look at next steps for improvement.

To make a booking:

  • Log in to Family Connection and select 'Book a Teacher Interview' (If you need help setting up or accessing your Family Connection account, please contact:

  • Click on the time slot you wish to book and save by clicking 'Complete and send confirmation'

  • You will receive a confirmation email with the details of your booking

Meeting online

  • The confirmation email has a link to the online MS Teams meeting with the teacher

  • When it is time for your interview to take place, click the 'Join Meeting' link in the email to take you to the online meeting

  • You do not need to have MS Teams on your device to access this meeting - you can open the meeting on your browser. Find out more about joining a meeting without a MS Teams account.

Meeting in person

  • If you wish to come into the school for the interview, please complete the form via the 'click here' link in your confirmation email to indicate you will attend in person.

  • All in-person interviews will take place in A and C blocks. Please arrive at the Atrium at least 10 minutes before your appointment time – this is the large glass front that is visible as you enter the College through Gate 1. At the entrance there will be a map with information about where the teachers are located, as well as staff and prefects to guide you.

Making an alternative booking

  • If the meeting times are fully booked, or if a suitable time is not available, click here to request an alternative appointment with another teacher. We will contact you to arrange this.

Senior Parent Teacher Meetings will take place in Term 2.

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