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Meet our Prefects!

A very special presentation ceremony was held in the PAC on Monday, at which our prefects were presented with their badges, and the Head and Deputy Head Prefects were announced. Congratulations to the following students on their selection to the Avondale College Prefect team of 2022:

Head Prefects

Emily Reddy and Nathanael Tivoli

Deputy Head Prefects

Castor Chacko, Grace Kerr, Amelia Perry, Nathan Powell, Joy Shi, Jackson Wang

Avondale College Prefects 2022

Aylin Akbari, Precilla Asovale, Kabir Bhargava, Christian Black, Georgia Broughton, Cole Brown, Roger Cen, Castor Chacko, Rithymony Leap Chan, Kush Chandra, Hetanshi Chauhan, Zejun Chen, Zara Colaco, Danica David, Ganesh Digamarthi, Grace Eade, Brooklyn Eti, Kohin Fulop, Sahil Goyal, Anne Guo, Uale Te Opea Hope, Jimitose Iosia-Sipeli, Maria Jose, Grace Kerr, Carys Long, Mark Lyall, Wynstan Metuataopu, Namita Misherwan, Yohan Naidu, Alice O'Brien, Lemalie Paila, Aayushi Patel, Urvi Patel, Amelia Perry, Yada Phimsee, Nathan Powell, Stacey Raina, Brodie Rawiri, Emily Reddy, Temima Rigg, Hilton Savaka, Tony Shao, Ye Qian (Joy) Shi, Agam Singh, Jessica Stewart, Xarya Tama'ali'i, Molly Tate, Davion Tevi, Nathanael Tivoli, Annie Tsao, Siien Filixa Valdez, Leah Vopel, Aryan Walanj, Ka Ho Wang, Tess Watson, Francis Wee, Tilde Wilson, Suphapat Wongthimarat, Hok Yung

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