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Performing Arts Academy: Fantastic!

Thursday evening's Performing Arts Academy Showcase was a fantastic event - with fantastic performances from our Classical, Jazz, Dance and Drama Academy students - and featuring The Fantastic Mr Fox!

The audience was taken on a delightful journey throughout the evening, with our Classical, Jazz and Dance students performing pieces they have been working on in their early morning sessions throughout the year. These were interwoven with the Drama Academy students' presentation of Roald Dahl's classic The Fantastic Mr Fox. The story came to life with the aid of creative cardboard props and supporting music from the Classical and Jazz Academies, culminating in a joyous onstage feast for all performers.

Many thanks to Academy strand leaders, Ms Rita Stone, Mr Clarke Telfer (Drama); Dr Julie Garner (Classical); Mr Mike Robinson (Jazz)) and Academy Director Miss Santana Schmidt (Dance) for their superb leadership of the Performing Arts Academy this year.

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