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Record results! Avcol students top NZ and the world in Cambridge exams

It's been a year of record results for Avondale College scholars, with the latest cause for celebration coming from the news that Avondale College had received nine Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards. The nine awards were spread across seven of our students who are some of the best-performing learners in New Zealand and around the world in the June and November 2023 Cambridge International Examination series. 

Perfect scores in both AS Mathematics exams saw Yi Feng (Feng Feng) Chen (Year 11 in 2023) come top in the world, while at IGCSE level, Rudra Patel (Year 10) also came in first place in the world with two scores of 100%. It's an exceptional achievement, made even more staggering given the fact that both students are working one year ahead of their age cohort.

Building on her success the previous year where she had topped New Zealand in her IGCSE Information and Communication Technology exam in 2021, this year Mia Horva'th (Year 12 in 2023) went even further to come first in the world in the Information Technology at AS Level.

Strength in IT was further seen with Srujan Madaiah Basavaraju (Year 13) coming first in New Zealand to receive a High Achievement award in A Level Information Technology. This was also the second time Srujan was recognised at these awards; last year he received the High Achievement award in Information Technology at AS Level.

A combined mark of 99% in the two A Level Mathematics exams saw Sevin Kim in Year 12 being awarded Top in New Zealand. Remarkably, this is the third year in a row that Seivin has been recognised at the Cambridge Awards; she was awarded Top in the World in IGCSE while still in Year 10 and Top in New Zealand in IGCSE Literature in English in Year 11. At this year's awards, Seivin was not only recognised for her achievements in mathematics, but also awarded Top in New Zealand for AS Biology!

Also gaining two first in New Zealand placings was Year 13 student Lisa Takagi (Year 13), who gained High Achievement awards in both AS Psychology and AS Japanese Language.

Finally, to round off the celebrations, Nienke van den Heuvel (Year 13) was awarded High Achievement in AS Literature in English.

It's an outstanding tally of achievement, says Avondale College Principal, Mrs Lyndy Watkinson.

"Such results are testament to the exceptional quality and commitment of our teachers and students, across the full breadth of our curriculum."

These students, along with their families, were acknowledged at the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards evening held at Auckland Grammar School on Thursday 16 February.

Top Cambridge Scholars: Nienke van den Heuvel, Srujan Madaiah Basavaraju, Mia Horva'th, Yi Feng Chen, Seivin Kim and Rudra Patel. Not pictured: Lisa Takagi

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