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Refocusing for academic success

As students have returned to school after the second Covid-19 lockdown, they all need support to reset, and refocus on what they want to get out of this year academically. We want to help students to take ownership of their learning and their progress from now, and for the rest of the year.

On Monday, alongside the ongoing focus on measures to ensure students’ wellbeing and health and safety, home room teachers gave students an update of where they were at academically and spent time with them setting goals for the next four weeks. Students should all now have specific learning and achievement goals, along with a plan for how they will achieve these.

Teachers are running additional tutorials and students are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities to get help at school if they need it, in order to achieve their goals. Parents are encouraged to ask their young person what goals they have set for the next four weeks and monitor their specific steps towards achieving these goals.

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